Het leven van een moeder - NanaBeebi

A mother's life

A mother's life is beautiful, but at the same time it can also be difficult.All mothers agree.As a mother you are constantly looking for the right balance.A mother who has the time and attention for the children, partner, friends and herself. You want to do fun things, continue to develop yourself, feel good and also look nice. Dit gaat allemaal niet vanzelf als moeder zijnde.You have to do your best for that and also put energy into it. Coaching for mothers is therefore not an undiscussed topic. Het helpt het leven van een moeder makkelijker maken. We hebben een aantal...

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NanaBeebi luiertas rugzak voor mama en papa - NanaBeebi

NanaBeebi diaper bag backpack for mom and dad

The NanaBeebi diaper bag backpack is compact and you have all the necessary baby items at hand.A lightweight diaper bag for both mom and dad.At times with your baby or toddler, it's just handy to have your hands free.A diaper bag backpack that can also be used as a normal backpack is very handy. Ideal for mom and dad who like to walk, have several little ones or travel a lot.You can take your baby's things with you with the handy NanaBeebi diaper bag backpack.With this practical baby diaper bag backpack you can take all your baby things with you...

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Eerste keer reizen met een baby - NanaBeebi

First time traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby can present obstacles, especially if it's your first time.Moreover, everyone has an opinion about the right and wrong way to travel with your young family. Vooral de negatieve reisadviezen moet je naast je neerleggen. Reizen met een baby is namelijk leuk, spannend en ook een uitdaging! Zorg dat je voorbereid op reis gaat en neem de juiste spullen mee, zoals een gevulde luiertas rugzak, draagdoek en kinderwagen.In addition, do not plan full all day. Whether you have just welcomed a new life or are heavily pregnant, you may be thinking; can i travel with a baby?...

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Zwanger en een baby tijdens Corona - NanaBeebi

Pregnant and a baby during Corona

It's a strange time.We have been dealing with the corona virus in the Netherlands for some time now and, as current reports lead us to believe, we are far from finished. This is very difficult for everyone.There are people who have lost family and/or friends to the coronavirus, but many babies are being born again. So many changes. Not only are these difficult times, but many young parents also find it lonely.No Gender Reveal parties, no Baby Showers or maternity visits in the first week, while being pregnant or giving birth is something beautiful and should be celebrated. In addition,...

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Babyvoeding meenemen voor onderweg - NanaBeebi

Take baby food with you on the go

Easy to take baby food with you on the road, how do you do that?Are you going away for a day or on holiday with your baby.Then you will have to feed your baby more often on the way.How do you take baby food with you and how does it stay in your baby diaper bag? Or do you have to bring a separate cool box? When you go on holiday or a day trip with your little prince or princess, you soon have a lot of extra luggage.Diapers, baby wipes, a high chair, pram and clothes.Besides thinking about what...

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Hoe je makkelijk kunt reizen met jouw baby en borstvoeding kunt geven in het openbaar. - NanaBeebi

How to easily travel with your baby and breastfeed in public.

As a new mother, traveling with a baby and breastfeeding can be quite challenging, especially in public areas. It's a good idea to invest in a variety of accessories, such as a nursing cloth and diaper bag, to ensure that you can properly care for your little one. While it's not always easy to breastfeed in public, using the right products can make it a lot easier. Instead of buying expensive dresses and scarves for this, it is recommended to invest in a suitablediaper bagandfeeding clothto make sure you and your baby are comfortable during feeding. Invest in the best...

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