Why the NanaBeebi diaper bag?

  • Reliable: NanaBeebi is a Dutch brand, recognized and registered in the baby market, which meets all European quality standards.

  • Most helpful: customer satisfaction is an advantage with us. We are easily accessible for all your questions and always offer a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee. Ask our customers!
  • Most chosen: NanaBeebi is the top rated diaper bag of the past year.
  • Best tested: The NanaBeebi diaper bag has been tested by several moms before we brought it onto the market.
  • The first: NanaBeebi was the first to introduce the Original diaper bag backpack on the Dutch market.
  • Unique design: with a close team of fashion geeks we have designed the ideal diaper bag. We have taken into account fit, practical details, strong materials and the best price-quality ratio.

Are you..

Sorry that your diaper bag is so big and you actually lose all your stuff in it?

Sad that the quality of your diaper bag deteriorates quickly over time?

Sad that you having to carry around a heavy diaper bag every time?

Had you had to warm up the baby food every time?

Do you just want a diaper bag that is fully equipped?

Then you've come to the right place at NanaBeebi!

NanaBeebi was founded by two young enterprising parents who noticed that they lacked practical and quality items. Who better to shape the wishes of young parents than young parents themselves?!

NanaBeebi designs the most convenient and stylish products for parents of this generation. The NanaBeebi diaper bag is the top rated diaper bag of the past year. In addition, we are still developing to make the life of the new generation of parents even easier, by bringing more and more products from NanaBeebi to the market.

The benefits for you:

  • The diaper bag is a backpack, so that you have your hands free for your child.
  • The diaper bag has handy storage compartments, so that you have all your things at hand in an easy and quick way. This saves you a lot of time!
  •  The diaper bag has ergonomic shoulder straps, so that you no longer suffer from sore shoulders.
  • The diaper bag is lightweight, so you never have to lug around a heavy bag again.
  • The diaper bag has a large capacity, so you can store all your things and never have to carry multiple bags again.
  • The diaper bag is provided with insulation material, so that your baby food stays at the right temperature.
  •  The diaper bag is made of  quality fabric and zippers, so that you can enjoy the NanaBeebi for years and use it throughout the baby and toddler period.
  • The diaper bag has a unisex design, so that dad can also go out in style with the kids.

Not convinced yet?

Watch video reviews from our satisfied customers!