Take good care of yourself

That is why it is very important that as a (future) mother you continue to take good care of yourself! It is very easy to get stressed during these times. We have some tips for you:

1. Make sure you take enough moments to really rest. Watch that fun Christmas movie again or go for a walk.

2. Although it is difficult, try to do fun things that give you positive energy.

3. Don't follow the corona news every day, unfortunately this doesn't make anyone happy.

4. Give your baby some extra attention. Stroke your belly or talk to your baby, because by giving love you make oxytocin and that calms you both.

5. Talk to your partner, family or friends about your feelings so that they understand you and you know you are not alone.It's just really nice to be able to share this

It's time to make life easier!

To make your life more pleasant and easier, it is also nice if you have handy things that you can use throughout the baby and toddler period. NanaBeebi was developed by parents for parents with the mission of making parents' lives a lot easier. Take a look at our shop and see what we can best help you with.

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