NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi
NanaBeebi luiertas 2.0 leer Bundel - NanaBeebi

NanaBeebi diaper bag 2.0 leather Bundle

Shipping & Delivery

For orders placed in the Netherlands and Belgium, we guarantee orders before 23:59 will be delivered the next day (except on Sundays in which case orders before 23:00 will be delivered the next day).

- Netherlands: delivered tomorrow
- Belgium: delivered tomorrow
- Germany: 2 working days
- Luxembourg: 3 working days
- France: 3 working days
- Rest of Europe: 3-6 business days

Shipping costs differ per country.

In the Netherlands and Belgium we offer free shipping for orders over €60.

NanaBeebi 1.0 vs 2.0 Leather Edition?

At NanaBeebi 1.0 Polyester we have kept the needs of modern mothers in mind. This versatile diaper bag offers practical functionality in a lightweight and durable design. The high-quality polyester fabric is easy to clean and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Why choose NanaBeebi 1.0 Polyester?

  • Efficiency: Numerous handy compartments and an insulated bottle holder keep everything neatly organised.
  • Comfort: The adjustable shoulder straps ensure carrying comfort, even during long outings.
  • Price conscious: Affordable quality for modern mothers who want to make a smart choice.

Choose NanaBeebi 1.0 Polyester for a practical and affordable option that perfectly suits your dynamic lifestyle.

NanaBeebi 2.0 Leather - For Stylish Refinement

If you strive for stylish sophistication without sacrificing functionality, efficiency and comfort, NanaBeebi 2.0 Leather is the choice for you. This elegant diaper bag combines the timeless beauty of vegan leather with advanced functionality.

Why choose NanaBeebi 2.0 Leather?

  • Stylish Design: The premium vegan leather adds a touch of elegance to your parenting style.
  • Sustainability: Premium Vegan leather is durable and will last for years, and only becomes more beautiful with time.
  • Functional: With the same smart layout, but more spacious and stylish, you stay organized on the road.

Upgrade to NanaBeebi 2.0 Leather for a luxurious, timeless look without sacrificing the versatility you need as a busy parent.

Whichever you choose, NanaBeebi stands for quality and functionality. Discover your perfect match and improve your motherhood today.

NanaBeebi 2.0 Leather Edition

Claim Rest and Leisure - The Ultimate Solution for Parents Who Want the Best for their Family.

Stylish, Organized & Time Saving

Easy access to Baby Wipes, anytime, anywhere!

Directly at the baby wipes when you need them. Hygienic and easy! No more hassle digging through your bag, because with NanaBeebi you have them right at hand when you need them.

Anti-Theft Compartment, your safety and convenience

With the NanaBeebi diaper bag you have a smart anti-theft compartment, so you can carry all your valuables with confidence.

And that is not all! The back of the bag has a special suitcase strap, allowing your diaper bag to be easily attached to your suitcase during travel.

Always the Perfect Temperature for Your Baby!

Extra Insulated Space!

From now on you can easily keep all your baby bottles at the right temperature, so you don't have to heat baby bottles every time you are outside.

Enjoy the freedom of getting out and about, knowing you're always ready to feed your little one at the perfect temperature.

Say Goodbye to Sore Shoulders

Ergonomic shoulder straps, which means that shoulder pain or back pain is now a thing of the past.

Stay open section & Spacious Capacity

Always fast and efficient, even with a crying baby!

We understand that every second counts when you care for your little one. Nothing is more annoying than a crying baby waiting for food or a change of diaper.

The stay-open section allows you to quickly and easily access all your essentials, without the hassle of zippers or closures. Experience the freedom to care for your little one without any delays.

Water resistant

Keep everything dry, even on rainy days!

Our diaper bags are made of durable water-repellent material to keep contents dry and always ready to use. Wet clothes in your diaper bag after a heavy shower are a thing of the past.

Stabiel en Zeker - Noppen aan de Onderkant!

Our diaper bag is equipped with sturdy studs at the bottom, so you can always count on a stable position, even when you are on the road.

Whether you're walking down a busy street, on a windy beach, or just in a hurry to change your little one, our diaper bag will stay firmly in place. No more wobbling, tipping or spilling.

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Find out why!
More Peace & Dexterity

Attached accessories

Insulated bottle warmer

Baby milk is best served at 37℃. Keep your milk warm and insulated so you can feed your baby at any time. In addition to the insulated section in the NanaBeebi diaper bag, you will receive an extra large bottle warmer holder. Suitable for large bottles! The handle with click closure allows you to easily grab the bottle warmer and also attach it to your diaper bag or buggy.

Stroller Clips

When ordering the NanaBeebi diaper bag you will receive a set of stroller clips. Hang your diaper bag on your stroller when traveling, easy to attach.

Hypoallergenic Changing Mat

Unexpected situations can happen at any time. Thanks to the changing mat that you receive as standard with the NanaBeebi diaper bag backpack, you no longer have to worry about the most annoying situations. The changing mat can be easily folded, saving space. Made of hypoallergenic material to prevent red bottoms.

Efficiency, Style and Convenience

Your Key to Stress-Free Parenting - The Answer to Your Lack of Time and Chaos


High Quality Sustainable Vegan Leather.

45 x 30 x 22 cm

Package includes:

1x NanaBeebi leather diaper bag
1x Stroller Clips
1x Bottle warmer
1x Changing mat

Includes a Free Checklist so that you don't forget anything to take with you.

Delivery time:
Ordered before 23:59, delivered tomorrow.